2013 Goals

During my last career break in 2011 I set myself a number of goals, some of which were achieved, some weren't. I'm going to do the same this year. As before they are a 'stretch target', I don't expect to achieve them all but some of them would be good. 

The following are some general goals:

  • Learn to Kite-surf.
  • Learn to surf on a real board, not a boogie board.
  • Take Vern down the west coast of France, across Northern Spain and into Portugal.
  • Take Vern through Germany to Tuscany or maybe even further south.
  • Go camping in Northumberland.

The following are event driven goals:

  • Run one leg of the Cambridge Half Marathon relay - Complete, Team 1970 finished in a very respectable 2 hours 15 minutes exactly. I ran the whole of my leg. 
  • Complete the Wiggle Saddle Spring Sportive 100 mile epic route on 7th April - Complete,  we did it, finishing in just under 7 hours and with an average speed fast enough to earn a silver medal. Loads of training was needed and sadly the UK weather was freezing. Even on race day there was snow still in the ditches.
  • Swim in both the 1 mile heat and the 5km heat at the Great East Swim - Complete well sort of, I trained and I trained. I was swimming quickly putting in PB's all the time. I managed to swim 3 miles non stop in 1 hour 23 mins. Sadly though the swim was cancelled due to strong winds making it unsafe for the safety crews. Bugger. Next year maybe?

And finally ...

  • Work out what to do next!

© Nic Williams 2014