Career Break 2

1st March, a splendid day in my life, twice over. 

In 2011 I chose to take a break from work for what turned out to be 10 months. I hadn't planned taking that long off but that's just how it worked out. Many of you followed my exploits on my career break blog and fed back how much you'd enjoyed it. So here we go again.

My first career break started on 1st March 2011 and involved many an adventure. It was fab. It was also very easy as I was taking advantage of Atos's great career break policy, knowing I would return to a role. 

Two years to the day and 1st March 2013 is the first day of my second career break. After returning to Atos for 14 months I had the opportunity to leave the company after almost 20 years. During that time I worked for Schlumberger, SchlumbergerSema, Atos Origin and Atos. I had some fantastic times, working with awesome people, delivering great projects and having a lot of fun on the way.

So here I am, in a slightly different position, but keen to make the most of what looks like another exciting year. Last time round I'd had time to plan, this time I find myself on my career break with a blank page. How exciting. Two years ago I had a job to go back to, not so cushy this time.

I hope you enjoy hearing about what I'm up to.

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