The Big Green Egg


I love to cook and I love to BBQ. As result I own a few of them. In February 2013 though I finally bought a Big Green Egg and wow, it’s changed everything. 

I'd quite fancied one for a while but Helena's always said no, not that I usually listen to be honest when it comes to purchasing. A visit to Gog Magog Farm Shop and a few words with Charlie was all it took and I placed the order. 

It's a charcoal BBQ made of solid ceramic. The EGG is amazing as the air vents at the top and bottom can be opened and closed to control the temperature anywhere between 80C and 400C so you can cook just about anything on it and I mean anything.

On most charcoal BBQ's, once you have a flare up there's little that you can do to stop your meat all getting burnt to a crisp on the outside while remaining uncooked inside. This is totally different on the EGG, you remain in control. Perfect cooking every time means you look like a BBQ professional straight away.

Even better you can control the temperature with a little practice. Cook a pork shoulder as low as 110C for 19 hours and you have perfect pulled pork, or open the vents fully and you have restaurant griddle temperatures to really sear steaks. Adjust for temperatures in between and cook just about anything from sausages and burgers to pizza and stews. You can even add wood chips to give a smoky flavour to your dishes.

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You may know I've been very keen on BBQing for a while and already own a Weber Summit S-650 (now replaced by the Summit S-670). See how the Big Green Egg compares.

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