Byron Hamburgers, a first impression

This is my homemade burger

Over the last few weeks I have seen so many people raving about Byron Hamburgers. Byron have just opened their third shop outside of London in Cambridge so it seemed only fit that we go and give it a try.

On our first attempt to eat there, the 2013 winter weather had done it's best and a burst pipe had closed the restaurant only a week or two after their official opening. I then wandered past one lunchtime and was surprised to see the place deserted so gave it a miss. Third time lucky I visited with the Thirsty Thursday boys.

The restaurant is kitted out with american style diner booths down the righthand side and standard chairs and tables in the rest of the eating area. The fixtures are in keeping with current trends, looking second hand and not necessarily matching.  The kitchen is open and situated towards the rear of the restaurant.

The menu is simple with a choice of around seven different burgers, various sides and drinks. The four of us chose just two different burgers with all but me going for the Byron Burger while I chose the Chilli burger. We also had chunky chips, fries and coleslaw.

The Burgers and sides

I had the Chilli burger and I have to say it was excellent. I asked for it to be cooked as rare as possible and I wasn't disappointed. My only disappointment was having to ask the waitress if I had a choice of how it was cooked, we weren't offered. The bun was soft and sweet, the chipotle mayonnaise was lovely. The garnish of iceberg was a bit skimpy and I can't say I really noticed the American cheese but that's probably more a reflection on the tastelessness of American cheese. The burger came with a pickle (gherkin), well 1/4 of a pickle.

Overall this was an excellent burger and worth the £8.75. 

The sides were also good quality but in my opinion quite expensive with homemade skin-on chips costing £3.25 for a fairly small bowl. 

The Drinks

As it was a Thursday we were out on our usual drinking night. All of use but one chose to have a Peroni. A pint bottle was £6.25. Colin chose a Oreo Cookie Shake at £3.95 which looked good. 

£6.25 for a pint, yes you read that right. 


While the burgers are lovely and priced reasonably, the sides and drinks are expensive in my opinion. The effect of this is that a burger meal ends up costing quite a lot. 

I loved my burger and I'm really glad I tried them. They are top quality burgers but the overall meal isn't worth the price. I think my own burgers can compete (see in the picture above). A simple burger of mince, salt, pepper, egg and breadcrumbs on a homemade brioche burger bun is just as good and the sense of pride having made your own, much higher. 

Thanks Byron for the ideas but I I think your sides and drinks are just too expensive.

© Nic Williams 2014